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Easy. Streamlined. Our portal offers the same features as our hcP App.

You can transition smoothly from the hcP App to the portal anytime. If your phone is not accessible and you want to quickly confirm an appointment time, simply login and access all the features effortlessly.
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hcP App

Simple. Convenient. Our hcP App provides you the freedom and time to focus on the things that matter the most, quality time with your family.

Our hcP App puts the power in your hands. Contact your hcP Pilot, view calendar and activities, request a refill, view a complete list of medications, view the check-in status of your loved one, group chat with your family, and get community connections.

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Knowledgeable. Friendly. Unleash yourself from repetitive tasks. Let your hcP Pilot work for you, restoring peace of mind and confidence that your loved one is in good hands.

Your dedicated hcP Pilot will handle appointment scheduling, prescription refills, answer questions regarding benefits, check on authorizations and referrals, check-in on loved one’s medication adherence, and keep you informed using the latest technology.

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Our hcP App
Our technology solutions are designed to restore quality family time together, lower the level of stress, and reduce compassion fatigue. 
Our hcP App solution offers seamless communication between your hcP Pilot, yourself, your loved one and other family members you invite. You simply grant them access! Here are a few of hcP App's many features.

  • Health care information stored and organized.

    Easy hcP Phone App AccessAll your health care information securely stored and organized.

  • Managing and refilling your prescriptions.

    Prescription Management Know your prescription history and request for refills. Get prescription reminders and medication consumption notifications.

  • Manage appointments and activities.

    Event Management Have your automatic appointments on calendar and upcoming activities send reminders and alerts.

  • Invite family and friends to join.

    Invite others to join your profile.Invite family and friends to join you increasing communication and peace of mind.  Chat with family and friends within the HcP App.