Managing Medicare

Do you manage the many healthcare tasks and functions for an elderly loved one?Leave your Medicare baggage with us. Health Care Pilots (hcP) understands the many challenges facing individuals who are taking care of elderly parents and their own family and children. We can successfully navigate the health care maze and perform key functions on your behalf. We cannot solve everything, but we can give you Peace of Mind by taking on these administrative functions that take time and energy away from you and your loved ones.

Our fully integrated offering provides personal concierge-like services performed by our well-experienced customer service agent that we call “Pilot”, coupled with a single technological platform, our hcP App. You, your loved one and our Health Care Pilot have the ability to view and work in the same profile with the option to restrict access in a manner that preserves independence and grants autonomy where desired.


Scheduling Health Care Appointments

We understand that scheduling an appointment can be time consuming and can require several calls. As an hcP member, your hcP Pilot will coordinate and schedule all your health care appointments. When everything is complete, you will receive notification through the hcP App and the appointment will be in the calendar.


The health care industry is currently facing health care provider shortages and new barriers are emerging that will hinder patients for years to come. The physician shortage is making it hard for patients to actually see a doctor in a timely manner. Patients may be placed on waitlist and multiple follow up calls are needed to get a sooner appointment.

Moreover, even though there have been significant strides in technology adoption and electronic exchanges over these last few years, the main tool that is still used to communicate with patients is the telephone. The physician’s office may answer the phone right way, but often time the patient can hold for quite a while waiting to speak to someone.

Managing Prescriptions

Your loved one will receive medication reminders, and they simply need to press yes or no if they consumed the medication. This information will be tracked and monitored by your HealthCare Pilot, and you will see information in your hcP App as well. It is that simple!


It is important to know and have a complete list of the medications your loved one is taking. Coordinating care requires understanding the various medications prescribed. Tracking medications proactively and having access to medication history will help increase the quality of life and minimize common problems which includes side effects affecting thinking and balance, and drug interactions.

So what can you do? Use the hcP App to track the comprehensive list of all medications taken by your loved one. Your hcP Pilot will document the purpose for taking each drug and side effects can be tracked in the hcP App. Keeping doctors informed about your loved ones medication and medication use along with side effects will help make sure your loved one gets the most benefit from medications while minimizing risks.

The hcP App provides you the flexibility on how to track prescriptions

  • You can simply take a picture of the prescription and send to your hcP Pilot
  • You can enter and edit the medication information through the hcP App
  • You can request we coordinate information with your loved one
Referrals and Prior Authorizations

Your hcP Pilot will take on the administrative process of obtaining the authorization and will follow up with the health plan and provider. Upon receipt of the authorization, your loved one can seek the care they need.


Medicare Advantage Health Plans generally require authorizations to seek care from a specialist, out of network providers, non-emergency hospital care and more. This process is about cost-savings and not care. A new AMA survey associated 92% of care delays to prior authorization protocols, as the process can be a lengthy administrative process with recurring paperwork, multiple phone calls and bureaucratic battles. Providers have found that this often leads to patients abandoning a recommended course of treatment.

Plan Review

We work for you and will offer you options that meet your needs and answer any questions you have during open enrollment season.


Medicare coverage can be tricky and each year your loved one is faced with a new Medicare Enrollment Season. Medicare Advantage Health Plans may offer new products each year and your loved one is tasked in determining how the new products impact their care.

Your hcP Pilot will evaluate what options are available during open enrollment season that best meet the needs of your loved one. We understand the important relationships your loved one can have with their provider and how changes in medication, co-pays and deductibles can impact them financially. Our goal is to meet your needs during this season and we are not influenced by any health plan as we assess your needs.


hcP will provide you answers to any benefit and coverage questions you may have.


Do you know how Part A, B, C and D work? Have you heard about the Part D coverage gap (doughnut hole)? Do you know how to determine out of pocket costs? These are just a few things that Medicare recipients and their loved ones need to understand to make the best-informed decisions.

Billing Inquiries

Your experienced HcP Pilot will take the burden from you. By verifing the charges and reconciling against your deductible, copays and coinsurances you can rest assured that you will be paying the right amount.


The health care delivery system is complex resulting in multiple bills. When your loved one experiences an admission into a hospital or has a procedure performed, they may receive multiple bills for that visit. It becomes confusing to understand why there are multiple bills. Moreover, it is common to not have confidence that the bills are correct. You and your loved one may pay the bills to avoid the process of validating the bills or you take the time to verify the charges. Either way, this process can require persistence to resolve accurately.