Monitoring, tracking and communicating made easy with HcP services.


Complete. View an interactive list of current activities for the day such as appointments and medications.

No longer wonder if your loved one is taking their medication or how they are feeling overall. With the push of a button you can view the status of their medication adherence and overall mood. This is hcP providing you peace of mind.


Comprehensive. View, edit, and add to the medication list

Quickly access a list of current and past medications anywhere, freeing you from the guesswork and saving you time from calling someone for the information. Our hcP App gives you power at your fingertips.


Interactive. Stay informed and organized on your loved one’s activities.

View daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled activities and the details pertaining to them in one place such as appointments and prescription refills. You have the freedom add or change an event to the calendar anytime.


Streamlined. Request, start or view status of a case 24/7 all through our hcP App.

No longer do you need to wait during business hours to begin your request or view the status of a case. Our hcP App allow you to track cases that are in progress or complete along with the details and outcome. In addition, you can open a request for a case anytime. Easily access case history. This is hcP behind the scenes always working for you.

Group chat

Private. Keep everyone in your group up to date and informed.

Message each other about your loved one’s activities such as appointments and prescription refills. Chat, share photos, and keep in touch while going about your daily activities.

Contact your hcP Pilot

Efficient. Your hcP Pilot is here to remove stress and save you time.

Take advantage of the technology available for you to connect with your hcP Pilot. Chat, email, or call in your requests.

Let us take care of your Medicare baggage.Get back to your free-time and family dinners without being interrupted by phone calls and health care tasks.